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The Pain of a Software Developer

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Babalola Macaulay

Some Nigerian clients don’t even want you to build the perfect system for them…most times, they’re usually more interested in the pride of owning something, forgetting they should be trying to solve a problem, challenge or at least make a solution that already exists even better.

And when you try to advise them on what you feel is best, based on your experience in that field or industry, it begins to feel like you’re going to take their glory from them, and they begin to put up walls on the product…just so they don’t lose the idea to you.

I once asked a mentor what could be done in such situations, and he said to me, “There’s only so much you can do”.

Most times, I WALK from such ideas, and that’s always going to be an option, because there really is no point trying to make the idea work, if the idea owner cannot even sell the idea to you, the developer.

Before working on any new idea or project, you need to buy into the idea, as that will give you a chance to sell the idea to other potential users or customers.

As a product developer, BE YOUR OWN FIRST CUSTOMER.